Blogging challenges in India that you should participate in- #Superbloggerchallenge2019

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.

Blogging is more than writing? isn’t it? If you are serious about your blog and want to learn something new, want to know your blog in a concrete way, the best thing is to participate in blogging challenges. One of the best way to grow your blog is to take part in blog trains and blogging challenges.

Some blogging challenges in India that you should participate in.

1: A 2 Z Challenge by Blogchatter
One of the fun blogging challenge that you should definitely participate in. it’s all about 26 letters, 26 days, and 26 posts. You have to write 26 posts for 26 days. It’s a challenging thing as we have to plan posts daily. So want to learn? do not skip.

2: #Myfriendalexa challenge by Blogchatter
Another challenge by blogchatter which will help you in growing your alexa ranks. Participants have to write 2 posts in a week and have to engage on certain blogs listed by the hosts. The more you read, the more you write, the more you’ll grow. You’ll notice the change in your alexa rank after the end of the challenge.

3: Super blogger Challenge
It’s One of the best blogging challenges that you should participate in. It’s my second year that I am participating in #Superbloggerchallenge. One learns so many new things from this challenge. Check the video now!

Tell me about some challenges that I can participate in, in comments.


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  1. Pragnya Mishra

    I have participated in two of them and have seen the benefits. Hopefully I could make for third one in April too. Thanks for sharing

  2. Aslam Khan

    I have tried superbloggerchallenge for the first time and it is really helpful. Thanks for the List.

  3. I am participating in all, lets see if these really work in the long run. I have full faith for SuperBloggerChalllenge, though.

  4. kanu

    This is my first ever Blogging challenge and i am glad to participate as there is immense learning involved.Thank you for sharing the List

  5. Anurag Singh

    This year i am gonna participate each challange

    Debut in blogging world

  6. Deepika

    One should participate in all three.I want to participate in A2Z challenge also but some other plans are scheduled before so It will be difficult for me.Let’s see.

  7. anupriya

    I agree that these are three most effective blogging challenges for your blogs health.

    1. vidhya thakkar


  8. Novemberschild

    i am a veteran of all the blogging challenges.

  9. I agree that challenges really help you grow your blog. I haven’t participated in the rest but SBC has done me good.

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