Frequently Asked Questions

Thank You for considering me for reviewing you book. Here are some of the  quick answers to all your questions.

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Email me for Book Promotions and Marketing Programs.

Will you review my book?

Well, You need to EMAIL me the Book details. Send me details about your book and will let you know If I can review it or Not.

Will you add my review on your website?

Well, No, I don't add third party reviews. I accept guest posts. You can mail me your idea and we can work on it.

How long you will take to review the book?

Well, I will try to add a review as soon as possible, Though I will try my best to read and review in a given time period.

Where will the reviews appear?

The reviews will appear on my website, Goodreads, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Am I Guaranteed Positive Reviews?

Well, No. I will be adding the Honest reviews.I I don't like your book, I will first mail you my feedback on the same.

My preferred List for reviewing?

For Book Reviews:

My Preferred Genre List:

  • Literary Fiction
  • Crime/Mystery/Thriller
  • Romance
  • Women’s Fiction/Chick-Lit
  • Fantasy-Paranormal/Horror

Other than this list, I am open to reading books in other genres too, as long as you contact me with a brief synopsis of your book. And I’m also open to reviewing Advance Review Copies.

What forms I accept copies?

We, I prefer Physical Copies.

I do read E-books as well as Audio books If I like your book. So feel free to approach me.

What is my Rating Policy?

Here we go!

5 star out of 5: Outstanding/Excellent/Must-Read

4 star out of 5: Very Good

3 star out of 5: Good

2 star out of 5: Okay

1 star out of 5: Poor

Are you open to product reviews and other collaborations?

Yes I am For Product Reviews and Collaborations:

Mail me the details about your product/ Service and will let you know.

Policy for product review?

Yes I am/ For Product Reviews and Collaborations:

I will review product within 15 days after I receive and will upload review on all the social media links and on my blog.