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From Russia With Love by Anuj Tikku : Book Review

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Author: Anuj Tikku
Rating: 3/5


From Russia With Love by Anuj Tikku is a collection of travel essays from the author’s visit to Russia, Ukraine and various other places.The author tells about his travel experiences in a crisp and engaging way.

The wonderful pictures that the author added make this book more interesting. The narration of the book is candid and interesting. The author keeps the reader hooked throughout with some travel tips.

It’s a well detailed and informative book if you love reading travel books. The writing style of the author is crisp and lucid. The book needs proper editing and proofreading. There are many errors in the book .

I Liked how he curated each chapter, adding his experience, jotting down the conversations he had there. The nightlife at Moscow. There was no arrangement of the chapters in the book, which makes it a bit difficult for the reader. Well, I loved how the author always search for the experience.

The apt tips that he gave are practical and helpful. Overall, It’s a good book. A light and quick read that you can pick up.


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From Russia with love is a collection of travel essays on my visit to Russia ,Ukraine and Kirkistan . I visited Siberia and saw the home of the legendary Rasputin ,

I roamed the streets of Red Square with a Uzbek taxi driver who loved watching Mithun’s movies .I walked the streets of Moscow at night capturing it’s vivid beauty at night . So come with me lets walk together on the Siberian snow .

I strolled across the various Catholic Churches in Liviv and even managed a visit to Chernobyl where the big nuclear lek took place in the mid 1980’s here . I wrote about my conversations with a Ukrainian slut who tried selling tea to me .

I also tasted caviar for the first time in my life and relished it with sour cream , butter and sweet bun .My first taste of true Eastern Europe . 

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