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Girls Like Us by Elizabeth Hazen – Book Review

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Author: Elizabeth Hazen 
Publisher:  Alan Squire Press


Girls like us, Poems by Elizabeth Hazen is packed with fierce, eloquent, and deeply intelligent poetry focused on female identity and the contradictory personas women are expected to embody. The women in these poems sometimes fear and sometimes knowingly provoke the male gaze. At times, they try to reconcile themselves to the violence that such attentions may bring; at others, they actively defy it.

The author penned down the situations we all have been through in a beautiful way. How I want to be liked and not called out for something, What we expect and how we are expected to react. 

Each poem is beautifully written by the author has its own depth. Each poem gives the reader a strong message. The way the author expressed emotions is commendable.

There are so many interesting poems here. My favourite ones are Personal Secret Box, Driving home at dawn, Love Poem, Lucky girl, Circling, Photograph and Just things. Lucky girl is the most favourite of all. 

The writing style of the author is crisp and engaging, that one could relate to. We all have been through such situations at least once in our lives.

With an impressive cover and blurb, this book is a must-read book. Looking for a different read? love reading poetry? go for it. 

About the Author:

Elizabeth Hazen is a poet, essayist, and teacher. A Maryland native, she came of age in a suburb of Washington, D.C. in the pre-internet, grunge-tinted 1990s, when women were riding the third wave of feminism and fighting the accompanying backlash. She began writing poems when she was in middle school, after a kind-hearted librarian handed her Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s A Coney Island of the Mind. She has been reading and writing poems ever since.

Hazen’s work explores issues of addiction, mental health, and sexual trauma, as well as the restorative power of love and forgiveness. Her poems have appeared in Best American Poetry, American Literary Review, Shenandoah, Southwest Review, The Threepenny Review, The Normal School, and other journals. Alan Squire Publishing released her first book, Chaos Theories, in 2016. Girls Like Us is her second collection. She lives in Baltimore with her family.

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