Shared Silence ♡

How the one who never use to stop talking share silence.
Does it awkward silence? Or does it sweet silence? Does that silence convey something?  Does this silence now comfortable?

“Sometimes somethings are not told in words which silence tell”. Sometimes all it takes is to understand that silence.  Not everytime words can do it’s magic,Sometimes Silence adds Sparkle.

 How it becomes difficult to behave that you are perfectly alright when you are broken into thousand pieces to that person who use to understand every single thing.

Life brings you at that point where you have to build your own wings and learn to fly yourself and if you don’t learn you will fall. Sometimes that silence is very meaningful when words are not able to convey what you feel. Sometimes when person refuses to hear you, silence speak to them.

Mean Hearts,

For All the Love it Craves,
It was Like Abstract Waves

Pain will be Felt
till the moon melts
Silence which Shared
life wasn’t fare,
One who was much more known to me,
one who is now unknown to me.
That silence we shared
was like a difficult dare.

Yes,I care
I do care,
that’s why there was silence
silent wish for your happiness.
There was silence,
silent pain was felt.
There was silence
silent wish for your happiness.

Every minute it killed every time,
yes,that silence was painful
moments will be Cherished
till sun gets colorful.

Blog by Vidhya Thakkar

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  1. Shubham Punamiya

    You are Amazinggg 🙂

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  3. Life and it's tales | ViDhya


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