You are currently viewing 5 Products to Buy from iTokri – a house of Handmade Products.

5 Products to Buy from iTokri – a house of Handmade Products.

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iTokri Celebrates Creativity and Indian Artisans. With a variety of Handcrafted products, you can find different fabrics, jewellery, handbags, notebooks, stationery, planters and a lot more. At iTokri you will find the arduous work of Indian artisans that reflects in these art pieces. For centuries, these artisans have been passing on their legacy as handicrafts to the next generation and you can explore this vibrant world of handloom and handmade products online. From the Silk Sarees to Lucknowi Prints, from Bandhani to Phulkari you can find it all here.

A Brand on a mission to preserve Indian culture through handicrafts and empowering over 10,000 artisans across India with their products, it’s a one-stop shop for all your needs. With many products to choose from and different prints to fall in love with, iTokri is a brand you must choose.

While Browsing through many products listing down 5 products is a tough task. each print is different and unique, each product is unique here and that’s what makes iTokri special. Here we go with the 5 products that I added to my cart.

1: Jute Embellished Brown Earthen Planter

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Being a Plant mommy, the first thing that I browsed through was the Planters and this planter has my heart. Made from environment-friendly material, this planer adds beauty to the garden with its look. The artistic touch gives an aesthetic look.

2: Diaries & Notebooks

If you are a stationery lover then you are going to go crazy with the type of prints and diaries they have. The different types of notebooks and diaries and the prints will make it difficult for you to choose.

3: Bags

Bag lovers! you can find many different prints here. From the traditional look to the Modern touch, these Bags are unique and gives a smart look.

4: Handmade Bead Work Natural Bamboo Tealight Candle Holder

The handmade Bead Work Natural Bamboo Tealight Candle Holder is a beautiful piece that adds beauty to the corner. The Bright Vibrant colours are eye-pleasing and just beautiful. Add a vibrant touch to your corner with this candle holder.

5: Indian Sarees

Those who love Sarees, this place is heaven for them. From Ajrakh to Bandhni to kalamkari to handprinted there are many sarees that you can find here. Traditional Bengali saree, Madhubani and many other sarees iTokri have mind-blowing designs.

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