A girl whose eyes craves for magnification of dreams, A soul with never stopping goal.

Passion Rules us all

“The Trouble is you think you have a lot of time.”
There are So many books and so less time.

Vidhya Thakkar is a Freelance Digital marketer and a Trainer by Profession. A versatile personality who loves reading as well as traveling. She is a content strategist and Social Media Expert. A Book reviewer and a Blogger by Passion turning into Profession. 

She has worked with more than 200 authors and is working with almost all the publishers of the Industry. She have worked with national as well as international publishers and authors.She does Blogger Campaigns, Book Marketing ad Promotions for Authors and Publishers.

Having reviewed more than 500 books, she shares her views here.Find about the Books she reads, the authors that she interacts with, and her experiences. From Author interviews to Book Reviews, From Lifestyle content to Poetry this site has it all. 

Her Favourite Genres are Romance, Thriller, Mystery, Mythology and Biographies.

She’s a Mumbaikar soul and an avid reader which made her Founder of MUMBAI BOOKSTAGRAM – A community of all Mumbai Book Bloggers. And A Sudha Murty Fan which made her founder of SUDHA MURTY’s BOOK CLUB. She also started a bookish challenge called Balance the B0oks challenge under the hashtags #Balancethebooks #Balancethebookss.

As a lover of quotes, she wanted to start her day filled with positivity, for which she started a Hashtag project called #Positiveeverydayy which got an International response.


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Vidhya's books

Ira Oberoi's Pursuit of Love
The Buddha of the Brothel
Lettered Musings
Moonrise From the Green Grass Roof
When Love Happens...
Hit for a Six
You Came Like Hope
Don't Run, My Love
Coffee Date
Twirls and Twists
The Imperfect
The Celeritas Files
Her Master Key: A Hotel Housekeeper’s Stories from Inn-dia
Imperfect Misfits
Corridors of Life
Murder in a Minute
If I Had to Tell It Again
The Shadow of Darkness
I Tagged Her in My Heart

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