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7 Reasons to watch Masaba Masaba

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Masaba Masaba has been my favourite series always. It gives that power, that positive energy we need, the spirit of Masaba has it’s own charm. While I loved the first season, I couldn’t stop myself from watching season 2 and finished it in a day. Only one thought came to my mind after I watched the series and it was TO Follow Your Heart Even If It’s Wrong for others. If it Makes You Happy, Do It.

and I came up with 7 reasons to watch MASABA MASABA.

1: It’s Time for you to be the KING.

Whatever we do, wherever we are Never be insecure. Things/people will come and go, It’s up to you how you take them. It’s up to you, if you want to become the King and rule or crisp and drain your energy. Women you can be KING, you need to trust and focus on your growth, nothing else, no one else.

2: If things have to change, then we have to change too.

We always want things to be good and happy for us, are we ready for that change? are we ready to change ourselves for that change? Masaba inspires us here with her journey to accept the change gracefully, to own our mistakes and make things work.

3: Choose yourself too! You need to Balance work and personal Life.

Not every time you need to run, hustle and work, sometimes you need to Pause, you need to reflect on what you want. You need to choose yourself too, your happiness. I loved how Masaba figured out what she wants, how she took a step for herself, for her happiness. Success comes with many things, you need to choose YOUR happiness too along with Success.

4: Do the work that makes you happy.

Wonder How we often land up working for something we never enjoyed fully? and we realize this a lil late. Will you step back? or will you continue doing what you aren’t liking? Well Once again, Masaba and Neena Ji inspire us to choose to do what we love. It takes guts, and courage to take a step back from the things that you aren’t enjoying. Identify the love for your work, and why you love that work is important and here Neena Ji nailed it.

5: Everything works out on its own time.

Jumbled between Personal and professional life, Masaba strives to find that Balance and that’s when someone says everything works on its own time, let’s keep working instead of figuring it out why it isn’t working. And that made me fall in love with the series. How we want everything to work but what we don’t realize is that everything works on its own time.

6: You don’t always need to be alone, it’s good to have someone STAY.

While we loved Masaba, Dhairya has its own strong presence in the show. We always need a home, a person to come to and Dhairya here was that home for her. We often take things for granted and don’t realize their importance until we lose them.

7: Wherever you go, Carry your Spark!

You just need to be yourself, wherever you go. Enjoy what you do and let your work speak for you. Wherever you go, Carry your spark. Be it Nichole or Gehna or Gia, each of them had their own spark that brings smile on our face.

It’s a light, inspiring series that you can count on. While we hustle, let’s pause and celebrate. Masaba Masaba Inspires us to keep working on our dreams, building our kingdom and bringing balance to our lives. Neena Ji and Masaba Rocks.

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