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This is the first time I am participating in the A to Z challenge. It’s my first ever and I am excited as well as nervous. With this challenge, I want to make new friends and connect to the like-minded people.

What Is A to Z CHallenge

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It’s 26 Alphabets, 26 Posts Challenge.

A to Z blogging challenge is starting from the first of April, 2019. Each blog represents one alphabet starting with A and ending with Z. I am looking forward to participate in A to Z blogging challenge this year. When I heard about it I was unsure to participate or not. But then That’s the Challenge, to put you under pressure and make you enjoy this journey.

Theme Reveal

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I was a bit worried when it came to the theme. As there are so many ideas and so less time. Finally, after many discussions, I finalized on theme ‘LETTERS OF LOVE, WITH LOVE’We rarely get a chance to express our feelings to someone whom we care about. In these 26 posts, I will be writing a letter to all those whom I love, care about, and admire. It can be a fictional letter too :P.

So yes, Get ready to witness the letters that I’ll write which I have always dreamt about, the conversations I have had.

I hope you enjoy the posts. All the best to all the bloggers participating in the challenge.

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  1. Sudarshan

    All the best Viddhya! And is theme is really unique and something fresh !

  2. Rashmi

    Oh great! That’s a beautiful way to express your feelings! Loved the theme ?

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Thank youuu

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