Book Review: A home for Urvashi

Treat Love with maturity, not with Selfishness. Enjoy desperation!
Sacrifice is the greatest act of Love!

Author: Sanchali Bhattacharya
Publisher: Harpercollins India
Ratings: 4.5/5


Death separates Dulari from her beloved twin sister, Ujjwala. Forlorn, her spirit remains on Earth as a powerless but constant companion to Ujjwala. Like the apsara Urvashi, she has the power to travel between worlds but no family, no one to love. Dulari has a dream: she hopes to be reborn as Ujjwala’s daughter and find a home for herself. Twenty-nine years have gone by, but her dream remains unfulfilled. There is hope, though, for Ujjwala has a son and now longs for a daughter. Then arrives a man from Ujjwala’s past. His presence upsets her life and sets into motion a series of events that threaten to destroy her completely. Only Dulari can save her sister, but to do that, she must relinquish her dream. Sensitively written and evocative, A Home for Urvashi depicts the bond of sisterhood that goes beyond life and death.


“A Home for Urvashi” A book focusing on sisterhood touched my heart. I Loved reading the extraordinary talent of Author. The Imagination power, full of creativity and connecting with the reader.   Written in simple words, it’s easy to connect with the book. we can literally visualize the story. The tone of the story is simple, crisp and clear. The Characters and the backdrop loved it. The author has described every scene, every character, every environment very beautifully. The author described Calcutta, Darjeeling, and Mumbai with awesome beauty with her words.  The story, Narrated by a Ghost living in the universe waiting for her rebirth. The plot that the author has set is incredible. each and everything was just like watching a fiction movie. where the ghost comes and help. This story can never go out of readers mind. we can easily connect with it. The pace of the story is lil slow as but it helps in understanding each and every environment. The story switches from present to past and again brings to present. There can be a confusion in readers mind but the author maintained it very well that reader doesn’t get confused. The story is all about Love, Romance, Fantasy, Humour, Revenge and yes, Sisterhood. It is very difficult to write on topic apart from a  love story.The tempo of the story is also well maintained. The Narrating style of the author is one of the best. The Writing style is refreshing so is the story. The cover of the book is also attractive which adds charm to the story.
This story truly is an exceptional one. Looking forward to some more books by this author.
If you enjoy reading fiction, This is it!!

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*** I received this copy from the author in exchange for Honest and unbiased review ***

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