Book Review: Despite Stolen Dreams by Anita Krishan

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Life is transitory. who hasn’t known it’s ephemeral quality? You are born to die.

Author: Anita Krishan
Publisher: Fingerprint publishing
Rating: 3.5/5


Deep within the Kashmir Valley, a group of terrorists are left stumped as a man they were holding hostage vanishes into thin air with his family from right under their noses. Amidst the dust and grime of Delhi, this man reappears, only to sink back into the obscurity that a teeming metropolitan city offers, even as he grapples with the strange twists and turns of city life. Far away, at the Line of Control, an exchange of fire between the Indian Army and a group of terrorists leaves one man seriously wounded. Stranded and alone atop an icy mountain, he can either die or fight to stay alive. This masterfully crafted tale will take you on a voyage through lives that are divergent, and yet, are interconnected. From the land of chinars, to the pulsating heart of India . . . it will lay bare for you, all the nuances of human emotions, from the darkest of thoughts to, tears, laughter, fear and courage, all indispensable parts of our lives, all inescapable facts of our existence 


The cover of the book is too interesting. I loved it. The title and cover of the book made me read this book. I loved the cover and title. The plot is clear and written very well. I loved it. The book engages reader really well and manage to get reader’s attention. The storyline is amazing. It shows how person face struggles, taking some decisions for life. The book also revolves around modern thinking where a girl choose her life partner from different caste and she gets family support. The book is all about friendship, struggle, acceptance. The characters that author developed are beautiful, How they face changes, one can feel it.  Author has also created a beautiful surrounding that can easily be on readers mind. it’s smooth and simple. The pace of the story is also good and so is the tempo of the book. The author managed to create various emotions like darkest of thoughts, tears, fear, laughter, courage and most important Understanding. The author used simple language for narration which made reading more interesting and connecting. The chemistry of wali and Kashmira was unexpected. 

This book is really beautiful and would recommend everyone to read it! Looking forward to reading more books by this Author.

You can get your copy here.

*** I received this book from Fingerprint publishing in exchange for honest and unbiased review.***

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