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Tomorrow is a myth! Don’t Sacrifice your today for a delusion of tomorrow. 

Opportunities are like holding sand in your hand. if you hold them for too long, you’ll get tired.If you hold too tight, they’ll slip away. it’s best to capture this and either build a castle or get rid of it before your hands are too dirty to be cleaned.


We’re all one step away from schizophrenia.

Rebound is the journey of a schizophrenic who breaks free from the clutches of a trapped existence, only to find himself back in the same world.
Abhimanyu grows up in the make-believe world of a circus, where masked faces and painted expressions are his constant companions. Brought up by his uncle, the owner of the circus, Abhimanyu is fed with lies and surrounded by deception. His uncle not only lords over the young man’s life but is also happy to sacrifice Abhimanyu at the altar of greed and ambition. Finally, Abhimanyu musters the courage to escape the only place he can call home. Now he is in a world he knows nothing about-free yet completely lost.
As he comes to terms with his freedom, Rose comes into his life. She gives him a reason to dream again. But love comes at a price. Rose is a circus entertainer and a life with her means going back to the world he loathed. Being with the woman who provides him hope would also mean confronting the demons within Abhimanyu, as well as outside.
A tale of love, loss and longing, Rebound is also a young man’s relentless pursuit to uncover delusions and seek reality.
How does it end?
It doesn’t. 


Well, this is the first book of this author I read and I totally loved it. The way he described the life of circus with so many details and a crisp narration impressed me.The plot is built with incidents, experience and a soothing journey with powerful words. You get right words at right time as motivation. The characters totally justified with their role and their way of taking the story forward is mind-blowing.

Mia, Rose, Genesis were all part of Abhimanyu’s life with a purpose. They gave him a proper piece of advise and way of living from time to time. The story starts with a circus and ends with a circus.  It starts with the narration of clowns at the circus with their faces painted, describing their life at the circus. how they were all locked after circus was over, they were made to practice day and night until they are the best. Abhimanyu, not having a clue about his life was always Genesis shadow. being with genesis was his life which he almost hated. one fine day, he decided to leave the circus life and find a life of his own. He then meets Mia who’s words were like motivation for him, then he met the love of his life Rose. She gave him a new beginning. He then started writing, working on his book. Suffering from schizophrenia, he got trap in his past, his bad experiences made him suffer.
it’s a beautiful story of love, loss, and rebound of a man who wants to uncover delusions and seek reality.

The language that author kept is simple which easily connects to the reader. The plot designed is expressive and sensitive. The journey of Abhimanyu is described beautifully and it helps to understand the condition of people suffering mental health better. The story revolves around the circus of reality and illusion. I loved the way Mia and rose provide a spoke that provided Abhimanyu a purpose to live. This book is also full of many good one-liners and sentences that you would like to write. An interesting story of loss, love and rebound.
This book is a must read for everyone to know more about mental health.

Publisher: Rupa Publications
Author: Sanil Sachar
Rating: 4/5

** I received a copy of the book from the Author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review**

You can get your copy here.

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