Book Review: Why so Twisted? byVinayak Nadkarni

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Wisdom is the daughter of Experience.

Author: Vinayak Nadkarni
Publisher: Notion Press
Rating: 3/5


Life is unexpected in every sense. We did not expect to be born and we do not expect to be able to predict the path our lives will take. That’s what makes it exciting. Why So Twisted is an anthology of 12 contemporary short stories which carry simple and enjoyable themes, but which all have an innate ability to excite and surprise the reader with the unpredictability of their ending. This anthology features the already popular story, “Flirting”, in which you will find a woman who nonchalantly flirts with many men, while “The Pursuit” follows a man who is destined to become a top photographer whereas “Crossing The Line” introduces you to the internal struggle of a married man who is about to hook up. But nothing is as straight as it looks because it’s not always about the first impressions! These short stories are quick reads. Sometimes it’s the protagonist’s clever mind, at times it’s his kind heart, other times it’s the heartless destiny or occasionally it’s the writing style, which brings the fascinating metamorphosis of the plot and will lead you to ask the question, Why So Twisted?


I loved the title and cover of the book. Why so twisted is a collection of short stories themed as it’s not always about the first impressions! there’s a lot more than it. It deals with the matter of hearts and tells life is not as good as first impressions are. It’s all about twists that happen in everyone’s life and how they face them all. The plots are a mixture of some unique, different and amazing stories. The writing style is simple and interest’s reader. It keeps the reader engaged. The pace of the book is also good. The book is full of romance, suspense, love, pursuing dreams and much more.
I loved A Second Date chapter so much. It’s so interesting. The author has written very well. Totally Impressed with it. Use of simple language keeps it more engaging. Amazing plot, Interesting characters, awesome narration and one simple message- It’s not always about first impressions.
I really enjoyed it, It’s a light heart, witty read with full of twists. I recommend everyone to read these amazing stories.

You can get your copy here.

*** I received this copy of book from author in exchange for honest and unbiased review.***

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