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In life there comes a time when you have to hide all your pain and smile. You need to choose happiness. Life is too short to worry so learn to be happy.
“Sometimes,You have to create your own Happiness” and that’s What counts. There are people who wish us to be happy,there are people who know each and everything about you and Choose to love you the way you are. There are people who wish for your happiness.

Live life like a Star,
Shine to make other’s world bright and you yourself will become beautiful.
Sometimes,It’s good to fall, to make someone’s wish come true and you will be happy giving happiness.
Make Life Beautiful.Live every moment and make memories.
Because atlast, memories will keep you alive when everything is gone.

When heads or tails were not Fred,
where the only path was led,
she chooses happiness,
out of the life messed.

Hiding the pain with smile,
She shared happiness every mile.
Each and every thought she expressed,
was from the life,she was blessed.

Life was just like a chess,
where she made a kind guess
Not caring about world and worrying less,
she chooses Happiness,

In life, Never be stressed,
Life is fun,
Make it beautiful like a Shining Sun.
Spreading light for every one,
Where Darkness will be for none.

Don’t be sad,
World is Mad,
Get over the mess,
and Choose happiness.

life is short,Live it to the fullest..ENjoy imperfections and Choose Happiness

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