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#DecemberDelights – Rules

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Hello, Thank you for participating in this blog train. Let’s celebrate December with some delightful books. How? Here we go!

Firstly Thank you Rupa and Aleph publishers for sponsoring this blog train. The winners will receive some amazing books.

1: Follow Rupa Publishers on Instagram and Twitter.
2: Follow me on Instagram and Twitter, also Subscribe to this Blog.

3: Write ONE Blogpost on any of the Given KEYWORDS.
Books you love, Books, December, Secret Santa, A perfect Winter, winters., the last month.

4: Use #Decemberdelights in the title and add this sentence at the end of the article.
This post is part of #DecemberDelights by Vidhya Thakkar and Rupa Publishers should not be repurposed, republished or used otherwise. The content herein is owned by the blogger. Hosts are not responsible for any infringement caused.”

5: Add your posts in the given Linky.Comment and Share all the posts on twitter using #DecemberDelights and Tag @Rupa_books and @Vidhya_Thakkar.

6: There should be no e-commerce or any other links in your posts except the host’s link.

7: There will be a surprise coming SOON! Just wait!

I hope we enjoy this. You have time till15th DECEMBER to finish all the tasks.

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  1. Moumita Roy

    This sounds great ?

  2. Hastha

    Will take part in this??

  3. Dhwani

    Seems good!

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