He taught what she never wanted to Learn LOVE ❤

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How she was immatured like a small plant in this big world, how she was unknown about things,how she was growing but restricting herself not to know certain things, how she was loving world but not knowing meaning of love.

As plant needs someone to nurture he came with same sparkle in her life . Sprinkling that plant,moulding that plant

 Teaching me what love is making me understand meaning of love.

One was season and other was change.
Together they dance.
That immaturity was loved to the core..
But she wanted someone who adored.
Her mood swings were affected .
There were people who cared.
But eyes were searching for one
Who was just important for her.

Slowly it was a necessity.
He adored her sincerity.
Their immaturity was getting mould.
She was learning what she never thought.

Was it a dream?
Was it real?
She just feared
To end it never

One who was unknown
Have become much known

After getting matured together.
He said, it wasn’t forever.
Teaching her love
He left making her fly like dove.
with his thoughts she was caught
she learned something she never thought.

In life times will come where you have to learn what you never thought.
learn to accept change.

To the one who taught me what life is, what love is, and got away

One was season and other was change
One was words and other was sentence
One was music and other was melody
One was above all a creation,other was destiny.
one taught while other learned.

You taught me the best chapter of my life.
You wrote a beautiful page and drew a picture.
but you left and it was an unfinished masterpiece ❤❤❤
You taught me what I never wanted to learn.. LOVE

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