Interview with Sachin Jha

Here’s Interview of Sachin Jha, Author of novel ‘I killed her’
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About the Author.
Sachin Jha is the author of Let Love Speak (2016) and I Killed Her (2017). He writes focusing on issues which are hindrances to the growth of Nation. Departed is his third novel. Raised in Delhi, he did his schooling from DAV. He is a Mechanical Engineer by Qualification and writer by choice. Being a writer was his dream. He did what he believed, excelled or not, a veiled hidden story about to be unveiled. Writing beyond a particular genre, he penned down about things which evoke him less as an individual and more as a human. He is also a motivational Speaker and a fond of travelling.About the Author: 
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      1) Your favorite book that inspired you to write?
 My favorite book is ‘I too had a Love Story’ by Ravinder Singh. This is something that inspired me to write and share my life experiences with readers.

2) Your inspiration for writing this story?
I am actually full of hatred for people who treat dowry as a symbol of reputation. On the contrary, it somewhere depicts your incapability to take care of your wife.

3) Tell us about your interests other than writing?
I love to attend various literature festivals. I also spend time at historical monuments and I love to travel. Also being an Engineer I love to complete my assignments and to attend classes.
4) What is Success for you?
My definition of success is just my peace of my mind which would be probably the day I would be able to communicate and reach my readers exactly the way they want me to. I find success in even smallest achievements and also love to celebrate and thank people for those who supported me throughout that journey.
5) How long it took to write your story?
Honestly, it took me almost a year to finish this novel. Writing a novel is not that difficult thing but the main part is character building and thinking the way your character in novel thinks. Also, modification and editing went on many times and I was ready with my manuscript after a year of struggle.
6) Do you set a target to write specific pages every day?
Well, I don’t prefer to do it as my Engineering assignments or the way we were given writings in our School. Novel writing is something different that requires your peace of mind and you cannot have a schedule for that. There were times when I wasn’t having anything to write for 12-15 days and also there were times when I got something to add to my script so I woke up at 3 in the night, took my laptop and jotted down that thing at that moment only.
7) Any other genre that you would choose to write?
I would love to write a novel having Horror as Genre that would probably be my fourth novel after Departed. Also, I would be writing some mythological books at some later stages of my life.
8) Is the story related to your life?
Yes, almost half of the story is my own but I won’t confess that which half part is real because I don’t want to see myself behind the bars actually for Killing Her. Jokes apart but actually the character Sachin I chose for my novel is exactly the way I am.
9) What are the upsides and downsides to being an author?
 Being an author is really interesting thing because I have never heard anyone complaining or feeling sad just because he is an author.
Upsides: It is something that allows you to share your views with rest of the world. Also, it gives you a public image in the eyes of your reader. Your sign gets importance all of a sudden which was earlier of no use except on your bank cheque.
Downside: At times you run short of ideas and you start something but fail to find an end to that. Writing requires a lot of marketing strategy and established a group of readers. Also writing for the sake of money is somewhere uncertain because you cannot predict whether the reader would actually love your concept or not.
10) What do you think makes a good story?
I think a good story depends entirely on certain main aspects of a novel that includes your character building, language and also the way you link instances in your story so as to make it unputdownable for the reader.
11) What are some traps that are faced by aspiring writers? word of advice for them?
Actually, a lot of new writers ask me questions regarding publishing and marketing on my facebook page so I would suggest that you’ve spent a lot of time in penning down your masterpiece so never settle for less. Your novel should get more than what it actually deserves so approach a right publisher through all possible means and in case you fail in doing so then there are self-publication houses to help you out in most critical situations. You just have to feed them and they would publish it within a month but that might be an injustice to your novel. 
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