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Looking for Giting options for Men? We have This is KRA

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Rakshabandhan was around the corner and I was looking for some Gifting options for my brother. He loves wearing Comfy solid Tees. Along with that, I was looking for hoodies for my dad, I found the one-stop solution for both of them: This is KRA.

With the philosophy of ‘celebrating the streets’, This is KRA has a great collection of Tees, Hoodies and Bottoms for men. With their minimal design and the Quality of fabric, This is KRA has now become my Go-To Brand when it comes to gifts for Men.

1: Olive Green Hoodie from This is KRA.

A super Comfy hoodie with a dark shade of Olive, this Hoodie has been my Dad’s Favourite. It comes with zip-up closure and ribbing at the cuffs and hem. The quality of the Fabric is too good. The minimal design adds up to the look, It’s a perfect option for those who love wearing solids and opts for a minimal or no design look.

2: The Super Comfy Crew Neck Olive Tee

The second tee that I chose for my brother is the crew neck tee again Olive in colour. This tee is soon going to be in my Wardrobe from my brother’s! as I loved the fabric. This breathable t-shirt with a comforting neck rib, that’s perfect for a quick get-together or just to play video games on your couch.

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