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Once there was me by Bobby Sachdeva – Cover Reveal.

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After ‘Stories of Us’ Bobby Sachdeva releases his second book on 23rd June 2020.


About the Book:

Caught in the web of communal violence repeatedly, Bobby Sachdeva stares at his burning house set afire by the bloodthirsty mob of the anti-Sikh riots in Delhi. As a fourteen-year-old, his world turns upside down, exactly at the age his father had escaped from Pakistan during the Partition of India. Recovering from the trauma, Bobby re-builds his business and journeys across the US and China, experiencing a life unhindered by religious animosity. Having experienced both sides of religion – of immersion and detachment – he starts questioning the role of religion in our lives. Based on his vision of an emergent India, Bobby finally submits a PIL in the Supreme Court for religious shrines to distribute their excess income for the downtrodden. What happens next as religious hardliners turn against him?

“The Extraordinary Life of An Unknown Indian.” Bobby Sachdeva has been trying to raise the concerns of the society in a very direct manner. This book will give you goosebumps when you will read about the extent that Bobby went through to improvise the society. A thought-provoking book that talks about Bobby’s life and his vision about religion.

About the Author:

Bobby Sachdeva is a storyteller by choice and a businessman by profession. He writes stories to highlight the problems with norms and standards in our changing society and believes that these perceptions can change. In all his writings, Bobby Sachdeva engages with the problems in the lives of common people and the ways to resolve these. In the last two years, he has written more than a dozen feature films, web series, and tele-serials and his popular book of short stories titled Stories of Us. Apart from writing, Sachdeva has produced nine short films in Hindi and three feature films in Punjabi and started a fully equipped studio, Ajab Productions, in his hometown Amritsar where he lives with his family. The production of his first full-length Hindi film will begin in 2021.

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