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Parents -Our Forever Friends.


Our forever friends, aren’t they? The one who make compromises for us, who smile in our happiness, who shed silent tears, agree, even if they don’t like for our happiness, isn’t it? . All we need to give them is TIME. Time to accept the things we like, the change. No doubt, we too need to change ourselves, but the changes they make, the things they accept are uncountable.

Going through a rough phase, I now understood the value of parents. How their being there matters the most. There are times when we just say the things without even thinking to them and they just be there, giving us time to realize our mistake and at the end, come and hug us when we realize our mistake.

I know, how difficult it is, for them to accept the choice, change their thinking, and giving up their dream for us. All the thoughts they had, the things they wanted to do for me, how it all vanished and they had to accept the change.

Now, when they are trying their 100% to be happy in my happiness, I have tears in my eyes, the tears of love, their happiness. Someone rightly said, you won’t understand how parents feel until you become one. The worst thought of letting them go shakes each one of us, isn’t it? Live, live every moment with them, give them their happiness, be happy around them, for them and with them, That’s the true happiness.

Remember, people will come and go, Many many new people will come to your life, remember, don’t forget your roots, your Parent’s. They are the real treasure we own, a gift from the universe. Remember, all those moments with them, cherish them forever. Just be there for them, all they need is their happiness, their children to be happy.

Dad always says, Patience makes you a happier person, give the other person time they need and let things settle down. I Now understood what he meant.

You know, when our parents says, we need to change ourselves or such behaviour, we often take that for granted, we are so busy in our own world that we forget to see the world from their perspective. We forget to see why they say this.

I know, it’s too late for me to correct my mistakes, I know You will wrap me in your arms when I will come and say Sorry to you. All I want to tell you is, I now realize everything you say, the fear of leaving you’ll and starting a new life , the thought itself makes me fall in love with you more and more.

We will still be the same, fighting for a TV remote to switching channels for watching our favourite movie. From listening to Papa Pagli to having tears in our eyes when Teri Laadli Mein is Played, I know, no matter how much I scream, I fight, I will have my forever friends beside me, FOREVER.

I really wish, I could have started writing this section earlier, The place for all my thoughts, the Kabhie-Kabhie Section of my blog.

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