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Suhi & Sego’s products are now part of my Skin Care routine.

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With the daily hustle of life and travelling, my skin was affected. It reminded me to take care of my skin and change my skincare routine. I made sure I keep my skin hydrated. Browsing various options for my skin concerns, I came across Suhi & Sego website where we can do Skin Analysis and based on the analysis, we can order customised products. Suhi & Sego provides customised products based on an analysis of your unique skin profile, lifestyle and environmental factors.

With a unique blend of ingredients to target a combination of skin types and counter myriad lifestyle and environmental stressors they have various products like Face Cleanser, Day cream, Night cream, Night Serum, Toner and under eye cream, I Added Cleanser and Toner to my routine.

While the cleanser helps in moistening, the toner keeps my skin hydrated. A 100% natural, rose-water-based formula that is instantly refreshing and anti-ageing while also activating your inner glow. I loved using the products. It’s been a month that I am using the Cleanser and the toner and I can see the results. The Cleanser is really good, making my skin soft and glowing. The toner is refreshing and keeps the skin hydrated.

The moisturiser combats pollution and blocks the production of stress hormones in the skin. Instantly hydrating and fast-absorbing, it leaves the skin feeling super soft with a dewy glow. If you are looking for skin solutions, you can definitely try Suhi and Sego products.

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