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The Bloggers League 2022

Blogging, what begins as a way of expression but soon turns into a full-time hustle for many of us. Blogging is a potent tool. And if used in the right way it can bring fortunes to one and all.

With that in mind, Vidhya Thakkar, Neelam Sharma and Siddhi Palande, renowned book bloggers of India, have decided to launch a blogger fest under their banner The bloggers league. This three-week long fest aims to show bloggers love for blogging.

Under Empowering Blogging we will host a series of sessions with renowned bloggers from the industry talking about Blogging as a career option, the niche, opportunities to explore and many other topics.

We will be hosting Linky parties to discover blogs, there will be contests, Discussions and Lots of Fun.

So, if this idea deems fit do join in and celebrate your blogging journey with us.

Meet the founders of The Bloggers League-

Siddhi Palande, Book Gobbler

Siddhi Palande, ex- media professional and celebrity PR, gave up the corporate media job to pursue her passion for Books. Blogging was a surprise that happened and is constantly blooming for her. Now amongst the Top Book Bloggers Of India and Top Blogs Of India In English, she staunchly advocates bibliotherapy for young minds as a means to bring out a revolutionary change in their personality and for their growth.

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul, book Blogger

An internationally accredited book blogger, voracious reader and the founder of Booxoul, one of India’s leading book and lifestyle blogs, Neelam is a person with a penchant for bringing out the best in people. A website designer, a renowned book blogger and a leading creative influencer on Instagram, here is a lady who is candid, closer to life and sensitive to the softest of emotions… A Book Blogger, Reviewer, a true friend, honest critique, a relentless benefactor and more.

vidhya Thakkar, reader Viddh, book blogger

An impatient Gemini soul, an avid reader and a blogger, who loves to read, journal and travel. Amongst India’s top book blogger, Vidhya Thakkar is an acclaimed book blogger, social media strategist and a digital marketer from India who has worked with more than 700 Authors, Brands and India’s listed Publisher’s in regards with Marketing and Promotions.

She has been featured in Mid Day, Social ketchup, Outlook India, Shillong Times, Buzz Feed and many others.

A keen observer who loves to journal her thoughts, a versatile Geminine soul who loves to experiment and travel around the globe and to discover Indian Literature.

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