Things left unsaid ♡

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Terribly enamored.

We are like colors mixd wich cannot b seperated again

U hav 2 win without saying a gives satisfaction

It’s killing me inside
When u r nt by my side
The world  is unfair
And life is no more fare

Forget my craziness about u, I was all yours but u were never mine

It was like moon facing the sun wen it’s emitting maximum light

All questions remained unanswered. .few things are always left unsaid

Sometimes we can’t turn back to heal our wounds

All dreams were buried in sand

Why does sum1 love one person so much evn if that person has betrayed him?

It was an unsolved mystery

Part of heart still wonders whethr he really loved me

Will there b sum sunlight for atleast to let her shadows seen

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