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Those days in Delhi by Yashodhara Lal – Book Review

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Author: Yashodhara Lal
Publisher: Harpercollins India
Rating: 3.5/5


Those Days in Delhi by Yashodhara Lal is a beautiful book. Read it in a go and you’ll love it.
It’s a story of Y-Lal, her journey, memories of school days when she was younger. What all she went through and how life taught her some lessons.

The plot of the story is simple and interesting. I loved how the author portrayed emotions. The drama, the dialogues everything was just so relatable. The way she sequenced The events is commendable.

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The narration of the story is crisp and engaging keeping the reader hooked throughout. I liked the storyline of the book. The way the author described what It takes to be the middle child, the way Y-Lal dared to do something different, the way life taught her lessons is amazing.

The pace of the story is a bit slow with a smooth flow. The backdrop of various places used by the author is amazing. The way she described places felt so relatable.

The language used by the author is simple and easy. The writing style of the author is lucid and appealing. This book will take back you to your childhood, will remind you of your school days, all the mischief, the fun. A perfect Nostalgia.

The characters that the author made are wonderful. One can relate to all the characters easily. I loved Y-Lal’s Mom character the most. Each character adds it’s own touch to the story.

My favourite thing from this book is the message that the author conveyed. Importance of Family values, Self-love is something that I learned from this book. Themes like friendship, relationship, loss are used by the author.

This book is a wonderful book, A light read that will remind you of your childhood and make you Nostalgic.

Overall a wonderful book with a simple and interesting plot. Loved it.

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Delhi in the Nineties. And this time, it’s going to be Gudia’s summer. So what if she’s the quintessential awkward middle child? So what if it seems like everything – from the hair sprouting on her legs to teachers making her life miserable – is conspiring against her? She’s taking matters into her own hands, and there’s no way that she’s going to fail. After all, there are three things Gudia is obsessed with – Basketball, the Boy with the American accent…and Winning. But in her desire to win this campaign of middle-school one-upmanship and conceal her plummeting grades, Gudia might just lose all that’s important to her – including herself. Best-selling author Yashodhara Lal is back with this funny, bittersweet and entirely relatable story about growing up; of that summer of innocence, when the world was simpler, and even our problems seemed sweeter.

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