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Atypical Indian Wedding by CA Sanchi Gupta – Book Review

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Author: CA Sanchi Gupta
Publisher: Bluerose Publishers Pvt. Ltd

Writing Style


The book is filled with excitement, fun, decisions, and discussions and will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.



• Love is growing at it’s own speed gradually.•

It’s Book 63 of 2023, A fun, delightful read that I enjoyed.

“Atypical Indian Wedding” by CA Sanchi Gupta is a heartwarming tale of Sanchi and Kunal, who met through an arranged marriage setup. Say hi, a CA and a Food Blogger meets Kunal who stays in Nigeria.

From how she met Kunal to how they fell in love with each other, The story is honest and beautiful, capturing even the tiniest details of their conversations, virtual dates, and how their love blossomed with time, how they managed their long-distance relationship, and how arranged marriages can be a beautiful experience.

The plot of the story is captivating, and one can relate to every emotion that a girl goes through when it comes to marriage and the idea of settling down. Sanchi pens down her thoughts beautifully, describing her feelings and emotions during the arranged marriage process.

The book is filled with descriptive narrations of how Sanchi met Kunal and how they fell in love with each other. The engaging writing style and the attention to detail make the story raw, honest, and beautiful.

While You can witness how their relationship grew stronger over time, from strangers to partners for life. They settled their differences, bonded with each other’s families, wrote letters, dedicated songs and celebrated each other’s presence in their lives and how they managed to make their wedding a fun and fulfilling experience, Sanchi shares about the things that go on every girl mind during the process and how they fail to express them for the sake of family and love.

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What I loved about Sanchi the most is she did not compromise much and stood up for what she wanted, bought issues which she felt and things she felt that were going wrong. We are always judged by our weight and skin and not by the work we do or the kind of person we are, Sanchi here addresses this beautifully. The chapter that I loved the most. The way she made Kunal understand.

Although the story is slow-paced at times with too many details, Sanchi’s determined and fun-loving personality shines through, along with her strong bond with her parents and relationships with the people around her.

The book beautifully portrays how marriage is about two families coming together. The efforts made by both families, especially Sanchi and Kunal, to bond with each other is heartwarming. From leaving her family, and work to settling in a new place, she keeps it candid and relatable with every small detail.

Overall, “Atypical Indian Wedding” is a light, delightful read that explores the practical approach to arranged marriages and the beauty of falling in love gradually. The book is filled with excitement, fun, decisions, and discussions and will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.


A sweet little love story of Sanchi and Kunal, who found each other in an arranged marriage set up. Gradually, they both fell in love. Their story is a clear example that no distance can stop true lovers from loving each other. Sanchi is a CA living in Gwalior and working with a corporate firm while Kunal is an Industrial Designer. He lives in Nigeria and is working as a director in a rice mill with his brother. Both of them are very passionate and successful in their life. Sanchi is also a food blogger, they both are real foodies, and food plays the most important part in their love life. They both love cooking, and they both love food. This book will make you fall in love with Sanchi and Kunal and will make you believe in arranged marriages and long-distance love, once again.

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