Ayushi Raghuvanshi  – Author of Gray Pages shares her journey.

Ayushi Raghuvanshi – Author of Gray Pages shares her journey.

Ayushi Raghuvanshi is an author of Gray Pages.

“You don’t really speak much or at all, how do you do that?”

” You are an introvert, aren’t you?”

 “You are shy”

Resonated different voices almost everyday on meeting new people or even the old ones quite after some time.

Maybe my journey to being an author started right then when these seeds were sown and constantly watered by the people around.

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Yes, I was not the person who would speak at all until it became necessary and maybe that piled up emotions inside as these were never expressed. And eventually I needed a medium to pour everything out, things that I wouldn’t say, things which I wouldn’t confide in anyone. That’s when I started writing poems, it isn’t long back but just two years back from now that I began writing. In the past twenty years of my life, I never thought that one day I would write.

I used to pour my heart out and put it up on Tumblr. I didn’t even imagine that some day these poems would make me connect with people when they would feel how their stories found expression in my words. Their encouragement made me believe in my work and I decided to put that out in public domain by publishing it.

My first poetry book, “Dazzled by Illusion” came through in October 2019.

Next was “Gray pages” which was launched in April 2020.

I never thought of becoming a writer or a poet and it was surreal to hold a book with my name as an author in my hands. I’m grateful for the readers who have supported me and love my poems.

I felt on cloud nine when someone for the first time said, “I love your poems”, the feeling was magical when someone said, “you have given words to my feelings”.

That’s the journey of a shy girl turning into an author and how she made her words heard out loud which knew only silence until met paper.

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