Devanshi Sanghani  – Author of Ignited Emotions shares her journey.

Devanshi Sanghani – Author of Ignited Emotions shares her journey.

Devanshi Sanghani is an author of Ignited Emotions.
This book is a compilation of quotes and poetry which I have written over the years.

I never imagined that I would have ever wanted to become an Author and I never even considered myself as a book nerd or a book lover until 2 years back in 2018 when I started writing after I faced depression and when I was introduced to bookstagram.

5 years back down the line, along with the herd, I too joined CA and the first year was good enough because I cleared my entrance in the first attempt but than my failures began to rise and depression took over.

I was at a party when I was introduced to bookstagram and the first account I had my eyes upon was of yours. Yes, you Vidhya Thakkar and it is because of you somehow I started bookstagram and now I find solace in it.

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I had started writing quotes and poetry back in 2018 and I used to keep on posting them on Instagram.

Until one day, when I discovered books written by Rupi Kaur and Najwa Zebian and I thought of writing down my own book. Also, I wanted something of my own copyrighted content and here it was, a compilation of my best words ” Ignited Emotions”.

Ignited Emotions will always be like a baby to me because it transpires my journey from failing to understanding that life will always end in a good way for us.

Also, it reminds me that I am dedicated to what I truly want and after the positive response for the book I think I am ready to take the Author tag to the next level.

It is because of your and everyone’s support that life has had wonderful experiences and I will keep on writing for people who keep on believing in me till the end.

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