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5 happiness hacks in this New normal routine.

After so many days, I saw the sunrise. Yes, It was 5 AM in the morning when I started writing this post. 

I know, we all are trying our best to adjust to this new normal schedule, isn’t it? This new normal is full of ups and downs.

Well well, in this new Normal, I found 5 hacks that keep me positive and calm. My days were more hectic than the normal days, but I enjoyed it. The reason for this happiness? Read till the end:

1: Books

Well well, Being a reader, books always came to my rescue. With my busy schedule, it was a lil harder for me to balance things, take out time to read. That’s when audiobooks came to my rescue. I slept listening to some interesting books with a smile. 

Yes, what’s better than that, a peaceful sleep while listening to your favourite book.

Which was the last audiobook that you read?

You can always look forward to Paperbacks, ebooks and audiobooks. They are the happiness staring at us. Go, read a book that you left unread.

2: Planting:

The favourite place of my Home is where my plants are. It has been more than a year that I am planting and creating my own lil garden. In this time the new routine, I first go to my plants every morning and smile. That lil happiness of watching them always comes to my rescue.

3: Shut down your laptop and go to Balcony/Window.

Ahhh! Shut down your laptop! is something we all are hearing from our parents, isn’t it? But, we switch to our phones, isn’t it? Well, for me my Balcony is where I find peace. If I am not found anywhere in the house, I am there. Gazing the roads, that emptiness, that fresh trees, the birds and the Sky. This place is my favourite. The evening chai spot.

Look up from your phones and connect with nature, spend some time with yourself too.

4: Diary

My fourth hack for happiness is my diary. How can diary be a reason for happiness?

This impatient Gemini soul doodles all around. Yes, while making the lists, in the mini-breaks I doddle around. Thanks to my diary which has pages dedicated to doodling, hence another hack. Well, you can keep colouring sheets with yourself. This is my lil hack of stress bursting and joy.

5: Cooking my favourite dish.

I love cooking, especially when I am stressed or want to relax. Cooking is the best therapy that I found for myself during this period. That joy of making my favourite dish was different.

We all are struggling in this tough time, but it’s own responsibility when it comes to keeping our mind positive.

‘ Negative thoughts attract more negativity’. Keeping ourself happy is the most important thing. Express yourself, write, find your passion, work on it, learn something new, do things that make you happy.

And Deyga!

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What are your hacks to happiness during the tough times?

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