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Abhishek Talwar – Author of Biplob the Bumblebee shares his journey

Abhishek Talwar is the author of the book Biplob the Bumblebee.

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“There is no content worth watching for kids on TV. Whatevers there, has no learning or lessons in them, but the kids love it, so what can we do!” “No matter how much we say, they simply won’t read a book. Look, such a lovely book that teaches so much about so many things, but they simply refuse to read beyond the first paragraph.” These were common refrains my wife and I heard from friends and acquaintances, at least those with kids like ours.

To be honest, it was also an issue that we faced with our own children. What was entertaining wasn’t enriching, and what informed, was either too boring or preachy or ‘text bookish’. Or at least that was what I thought. “If you think you can do better, why not write yourself?” my wife challenged one evening. I gave it some thought and decided what the heck, may as well give it a shot! And so was born Biplob the Bumblebee, the first ever Eco – Warrior superhero – a superhero with no powers, other that what EACH one of us is bestowed with; a brain and the ability to use it!

Each story is a rollicking adventure, where Biplob comes up with 100% natural & eco – friendly solutions to either stave off a crisis in his garden, or help out one of his friends. In the process, not only does the child reading the story get entertained to the hilt, but she also comes away learning about a new concept, simple science or life – skill, all through a rollicking adventure with twists and turns galore. What started off as three stories at first is today a full blow series. We’ve already launched 3 volumes of ‘Adventures of Biplob the Bumblebee’, with a further 9 ready to be launched over the next few months.

The best part is that through these stories I get to share with children the importance of protecting our environment and cherishing nature. I have an opportunity to bring to them the wonders of the natural world, and how nature has a solution for every problem – we just have to find it! But have these books solved the problem of getting kids interested in reading again? Well, why don’t you grab a copy of the book for your child and tell us?!?!

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