Beginning of new me :)

Its not over yet, i guess it’s just the starting.

It was not about You, It was not about Me, I wanted it to be about Us, But it ended up being just with Broken Me.
I was losing it all. And the greatest thing i lost you somewhere within me. A part of me was always yours but a bit of yours never became mine. I dreamt of making it to the end but only with you. I dreamt a roller coaster ride but only with you. And now since, you are not there all my dreams are just shattered. I know nothing can fix the broken things between us. You wanted to leave, and you left your story ended, But that is from where my story started.

I was never such before. And all that i am now, i don’t blame you. i blame myself, as you came with a tag Handel with care, and somehow somewhere i failed. The day i lost you was the first failure of my life and from then i am failing at each and everything.

I have no clue when i’ll be able to find the older ME, but the thing i know is i’ll never be able to forget you, which will never let this ME die.

The days spent being your lover was priceless but what i lost within myself was more important.
Now i fear being with people. I intentionally try to be rude, try to avoid them, try to fake a smile in front of them. But i guess i wont be able to do this for long. People will figure out that i’m faking it.

I have started hating everyone. Be it, my parents, my best frnd and everyone around. I try to isolate myself as much as i could. I don’t want to live like this but sorry i’m addicted to this life now. The actual me enjoy living with people but the other side of me gives reason to be away from them. I don’t know how
far this gonna work, but i no more think that things will be right again.

Yes! Unfortunately you were my strength and as time flew you became my weakness. Living this phase of life without you is tough and it’s get tougher when i think that you won’t come back.

I didn’t treat you as an option but you left me as a choice.
A “choice” who is worth nothing now

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