Being Fake- Does it Gives Satisfaction ?

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Fake People, Fake Smiles Everywhere, We always Criticize or Tell that person is Fake or Have Fake Attitude, But Have we Ever thought Why that person is Being Fake? The Reason Behind That Fake Attitude? Have We Ever tried to Remove the Hidden Mask?
You Never know Why people live with fake smile, or with Fake Attitude ! It May be they will be Completely Broken, or they Might have lost their Haunted Treasure. They Might have lost their loved ones, or they might have lost their trust on Friendship. Well, we feel They will Criticize, Will hurt themselves, Will Burry Themselves and All. Well, These all Things just happen On Television !

In our Lives, we will never show our pain, we will always Wear our mask. Mask Of Smile and Happiness and the simple reason behind it, is because people want so, More then people her Parents Want So. Every Parent Want Their Child to be happy, and yeah that’s the reason why we Wear mask to show yes, we are happy,without any problems.

Are Sorrows Greater than Your Parents Smile? Are your Problems Bigger than their Smile? Your Heartbreaks, Grudges,  Fights are bigger than your parents love? Nah ! they aren’t. Yes, Their Smile Heals all Our pain, so if wearing Mask is for their Happiness, Then Always Happy to live with That Mask.

If your  mask can give happiness to others, Can bring smile on other’s Face than being fake is worth. That Fake Smile is worth and will Always Be on Face to Bring Real Joy, The real Smile.
Spread Joy, Love, Happiness everywhere, Manage to Get one, Have one Even if you don’t have one. Keep aside all your Sorrows, Pain and Look for others happiness. Look How You Can Increase Someone Else’s Happiness. That Gives Much Pleasure,

Yes, It Gives Satisfaction, It gives Satisfaction when you see you are reason behinds Someone else happiness. We Always Cry in Life that we are in Problem or have such problem But never see That People Around Us are Also Affected With our Such Behavior. So Rather than Crying, Learn to Be Happy for other’s, Other’s Happiness.

We Live Life for ourselves, Sometimes Try living For other’s It Gives Much Pleasure.
If Your Mask Can Make other’s Smile, Carry it Every mile,
If Fake Smile Can Satisfy Others, It will Bring Your Smile back once. :)

In Life Never Be Sad, Because There’s Always Someone Who Secretly Cares with Hidden Mask !

“Haaste Haaste Seh Lenge Har Gam, Agar ye Gam Khushiya Baat te To ”

SOmetimes it’s good to wear Fake Smile, The Fake Mask :):

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