Book Review: 50 Cups of Coffee by Khushnuma Daruwala

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Not everyone married is happy.
Not everyone happy is married.

Author: Khushnuma Daruwala
Publisher: Penguin India
Ratings: 3/5


Dating is an undeniably daunting task, especially when you’re done with casual flings and are looking for the real deal to settle down with. When a 30-something woman signs up on a dating website for people looking to get married, she realizes just how delightful, vexing, amusing and befuddling trying to find the perfect husband can be. Based on real experiences, this book is not a guide to dating, but rather a delightful collection of episodes about meeting potential partners, epiphanies about them and soul-searching questions that will make you see relationships without the rose-tinted glasses. 
Especially pertinent to this age of online dating, this delicious-as-a-cappuccino book is for all those in love, looking for love or in between. With advice as sage (gained the hard way) as that in He’s Just Not That Into You and scenarios as funny and outrageous as those in Sex and the City, 50 Cups of Coffee is a hilarious, honest and witty book, perfect to curl up with when a suitable beau or bae is not available.


This book is really a practical book. All the situations depicted are practical and revolves around online dating. There are various funny moments, and it shows what’s in girl’s mind when it comes to dating.  The book revolves around dia who is thirty years old and still single, finding her life partner online. What I liked most is Dia’s nature of not to settle for less.  The moments expressed while she had dates were hilarious. It’s a story about finding a right life partner.
The writing style of Author is funny. The pace is also good.It’s a little fast paces book.  I loved how the book ended. The narration of Dia’s 50 wrong dates was just amazing.  It shows what Indian girls go through when it’s about selecting the groom. Her frustrations, doubts, and thoughts were all relatable. Overall it’s a good read with an interesting plot. A book you would like to finish in one go!
Super funny, witty, practical book.

You can Get your copy here.

** I received a copy of the book from Penguin India in exchange for an honest and unbiased review**

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