Book Review: Fragile Strings by Arushi Vats

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She’s like an autumn leafthat only wants to be detachedfrom the tree of lifeand live a life of her own
Her life was like a poem where every word doesn’t need explanation to describe her.

Author: Arushi Vats
Publisher: Notion Press
Rating: 5/5


Fragile Strings is a collection of poems based on a relationship between two individuals that’s fragile and with the passing of time the bond weakens and the connection seems to be disappearing. It’s about the emotional turbulence a person suffers when the love is not reciprocated back like before. The life of a girl who evolves while battling her own feelings and overcoming sadness, heartaches and dejection and how she finally accepts her life in the present and learns to love herself again as she is in the healing process.


Fragile strings is one of the amazing book with awesome poems. This was my first read of a book with poems and I loved it. Author has purely expressed every emotion with love and depth. Every word, every sentence touch your heart. Every poem helps you to grow, has a ray of hope to a new life. The book with heartaches, dejection, present world, love, future, self-love and a lot more. The way she expressed, the pace of the book is too good.  The poems she wrote about is something everyone goes through, once in a lifetime. The story of love, heartbreak, depression, self-love, and a lot more.
It’s all about the process of healing, the process of self-love.

After many heartbreaks She has learnt to love herself and this is how she celebrates her life.

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