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The Revelations Of A Millennial Mom by Shabeena Zaidi – Book Review

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Author: Shabeena Zaidi
Publisher: Beeja House

Writing Style


It’s a book that will make you laugh and will motivate every mother to not give up on their career and dreams.



•sometimes in life we mindlessly run the rat race without having the motive in mind.•

It’s Book 53 of 2023!

@ishabeenazaidi Shabeena Zaidi’s memoir, “Revelations of a Millennial Mom,” is a relatable and engaging book that captures the challenges and joys of motherhood. The author shares her journey from travelling to another country with her husband to becoming a mother and how she managed the challenge of balancing work, kids, and home during the times of covid.

The book is a witty, candid, and interesting read that delves into the unspoken emotions of millennial mothers. Zaidi shares her experiences of vacillating between career and family, From facing the myths surrounding motherhood to the changes in her life after having a child, the author discusses the emotional journey that every millennial mother goes through.

She also talks about the significance of family support and how they helped her overcome the challenges she faced and how she managed to grow in her career as an environmental engineer while raising two kids without being biased.

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She shares how every mother has their own unique style of leadership and motherhood while including stories of other millennial moms, and their journey, also sharing about the things that helped her throughout and a lot more in a detailed and interesting way.
Written in a crisp, engrossing style, it’s a bit slow-paced, emotional journey that every millennial mom can enjoy.

As a reader, I could relate to the situations faced by the author as I see my sister and sister-in-law going through similar situations, making the book all the more relatable. One could find honesty in her writing, and her insights into the emotional journey of motherhood are both illuminating and inspiring.

Zaidi draws on her own experiences and those of other millennial moms to provide a rich and nuanced portrait of modern motherhood. It’s a book that will make you laugh and will motivate every mother to not give up on their career and dreams.

Overall, it’s a light and fun read that every millennial mom should check out.


Revelations of a Millennial Mom is a book of unspoken musings of a present-day mother.

A millennial woman has been raised just like her male counterparts in all aspects. Still, when it comes to motherhood she gets to see the double standards of society’s façade.

This book is for anyone who has found herself off guard when embarking on a journey of motherhood as if stepping into unknown territory. This story will resonate with women vacillating between their careers and family. Mothers who took time to bond with their babies unlike falling in love instantaneously like those shown on screen.

This book is a memoir, a story told by the author but relatable to most millennial parents – both male and female. It entails the metamorphosing of a girl into a mother and the myriad of changes taking place in and around her life. Comprising light-hearted anecdotal comparisons and biases around motherhood. The importance of self-care, me time, and a lot more. It is about discovering your own self away from motherhood.

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