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Pursuit of life by Manasvi Singh and Anubhav Shrivastava – Book Review

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Author: Manasvi Singh and Anubhav Shrivastava
Publisher: Write India Publishers

Writing Style


Pursuit of Life is a practical and insightful book that offers valuable guidance for tackling setbacks and mapping our skills to opportunities. 



“The other half of the coin is always unseen; the silence from the speech is always unheard of ”.

It’s book 74 of 2023 and The intriguing title of the book made me think, Do we really need painkillers and not vitamins when it comes to life? The answer that came to me was YES.

We need to learn and accept the hard and practical truths of life. We have to go and grow through them and I picked up this insightful read where the author shares with us the reality of life and how our lives can become better as we change our perspective.

We are conditioned to believe in certain things and patterns which unknowingly may not be good for us. How do we identify those patterns? how and what changes we can make? That’s what Manasvi Singh and Anubhav Shrivastava share with us in their Book.

“Pursuit of Life” by  Manasvi Singh and Anubhav Shrivastava guides us with a set of principles on how we can tackle setbacks and come back stronger by mapping our skill sets with opportunities. Here they discuss the hardest and wisest truths related to startups, passion vs opportunities, work-life balance, smark work vs hard work, paranoia – is it good or bad along with the emotional aspects like how to deal with failures, breakups, ways to seek inspiration, how to control our negative thoughts and a lot more.

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While they discuss the emotional and practical aspects, you will witness some interesting insights from Jeff Bezos’s story on how he built a Billion-Dollar Startup to the commandments of writing a book, traits of successful entrepreneurs and blind spots.

What I loved most about the book is its practical approach. They explain the concept in detail and intriguing way, which makes it engrossing and relatable for the readers. The writing style is lucid and engaging, helping readers learn, unlearn and relearn the philosophies of life with some interesting examples along with inspiring quotes and lines.

I liked the example of Krishna and Arjuna that they used in one of the chapters where they talk about how we all look to find Krishna to guide us in our life while we forget to become Arjuna.

Manasvi and Anubhav share their perspective on different topics in the most practical and honest way.  They keep it short, concise and clear. One could relate to every concept they share and makes us ponder about the choices we made. The authors keep it friendly and to the point making readers feel like they are talking to a friend.

One of my favourite chapters is the “You don’t make Startup, Startups makes you” chapter. How every day we discover something new regarding our startup, how our startup makes us think of so many additional avenues. It’s always the startup that runs us and transforms us. Like each of us has our own story, each startup too has its own story.

Another chapter that stood out for me was “ Breakup: A Channel to awaken your powers”. We all go through this phase and that’s the time we feel lost, no doubt, we come back stronger and better, but how we deal during that phase is what matters. Anubhav here shares how the breakup is also a beautiful medium to change ourselves for the better. How we use our energy is what makes the difference.

You’ll learn about the common traits of successful people, how to overcome the fear of public speaking, why fitness should be your top priority, and many other topics that will change our way of thinking. The authors guide us towards a content life with a realistic view of the challenges we may face.

In all,  “Pursuit of Life” is a practical and insightful book that offers valuable guidance for tackling setbacks and mapping our skills to opportunities. 

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