Book Review: Friends forever ya Whatever by Jiganshu Sharma

Love don’t knock on the doors of our heart again and again.But when it knocks it is better to open the door and welcome it with love.

Author: Jiganshu Sharma
Rating: 4.5/5


If I tell you the truth my dear readers then, let me tell you that I am writing this book in darkest phase of my life. The darkest night in my life came when I lost every hope to live. I have nothing to praise about. Whatever I loved I lost. Have no idea why this happens to me? I feel like a complete loser. That night I decided to commit suicide but before that I wanted to write a suicide note. Started writing on a paper what happen where things failed where all hopes to survive lost. But when number of paper exceeds six it turned into a book my long cherished dream is just next to me and that make me decide to write a book. And this book my friends help me to explore me. Lead me to the path where I can share it with readers like you. Who might be reading this in night or on their way to office or on weekends and relate this to their lives.


The cover and the title of the book is so interesting. I finished this book in one go. The language used by the author is simple and very connecting. The first person point of view and easy way of communicating with the reader, it feels like the person is talking and telling her story which made reading more interesting. It quickly engages the reader. The story tells about how girl opt for her career in different fields so that her parents don’t marry her soon. This is what every girl face in her life, her parents want to marry her early. And to save them they choose the career.  This is a story of Jugnu Sharma who fights for her dreams, love, and career. She tells her about her college days which will remind you of your college days. 
The story tells about family, siblings love, struggle, college days, friendship. fun, Love and Romance. The characters that author made one can easily visualize scenarios. The narration was good as well as connecting. I sometimes felt why the protagonist was spoiling her life by switching different fields of study, but that’s the only option left for girls. The pace of the story is also good and so is the tempo. The cute love story also wins many hearts. 
Overall It’s a good connecting read. A sweet, light heart love story. 

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*** I received this copy from publishing house in exchange for honest and unbiased review***

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