Book Review: I tagged her in my heart by Anuj Tiwari

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A lifelong relationship is not about finding the right person, but about learning to love the person you have already found.
Love is a decision, not just a feeling.

Author: Anuj Tiwari
Publishers: Rupa Publications 
Ratings: 3.5/5


Things get broken. We repair them. They get a new shape. Perhaps a new identity. This applies to love as well. Because you are yours before you are someone else’s. But what happens when we fall or fail in love?After two heartbreaks, Adrika, a fiercely independent career-girl, changes her hashtag on Instagram to #HappyGoLucky and dreams become her priority. Arjun, the workaholic and socially inept, struggles with his weakness for Dimpy Aunty’s daughter Anushka and his hesitation in sharing heartaches and emotional baggage. Into this mess, steps in Dimpy Aunty, an unlikely saviour, with all her quirks and jauntiness, steering them through rough patches in unlikely ways as only she can.Insightful, bold and witty, I Tagged Her in My Heart is based on a true story that will inspire many to look at the sunny side of life when faced with darkness.

I loved the cover and title of the book. it’s impressive and eye catchy. I have read all the books of Anuj Tiwari and loved it. This book, I wanted to always read because of its title. But unfortunately, As Title suggests, I tagged her in my heart, the story does not have anything much related to social media in this. The title and the plot are quite different. No doubt, the author didn’t leave a stone unturned to make this story interesting and he successfully did it. Yes, the story, the plot is good and very connecting. It tells about how special a person is, how passion makes a person better. There are some beautiful lines that author has written which touched my heart. The story is all about friendship. Who says Women of our mother’s age cannot be our friend. Yes, I loved how Dimpy aunty supported each one of them. Adrika’s and Anushka’s character I loved it. The pace of the story is lil slow as there are some parts which are added unnecessarily and appeared out of nowhere. The tempo of the story is also good. Use of simple and interesting language makes this book connecting with the readers. The plot and story are simple. it’s all about Love, Friendship, Career, and Passion. The only thing I liked was the author created very strong characters, especially Adrika’s characters, that’s what I loved. and some inspiring lines by Anuj added sparkle.

This book carries a deep meaning with it but the title and story are completely different.Ignoring some spelling mistakes and grammatical errors because at the end the story was worth a read.

Good Characterization, Simple Language, Interesting Plot. 

Overall, it’s a good story but failed to impress me as I had some high expectations from the author after reading previous books. If you love reading fiction, this book is for you.

The story was worth a read and ignoring everything I loved it.

You can get your copy here.

*** I received this copy from the publishers in exchange for honest and unbiased review.

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