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Can you feel that another person is in danger? have you witnessed that type of connection between two persons? do you believe in destiny? Do two people who are connected to each other always stay together in life? do they marry each other?

A girl from middle-class family and guy of rich business man. Will they fall in love? is their connection that strong?
There were many such questions in my mind while reading this wonderful book. Radha and Aditya, they both met in school. with an incident of saving Adi’s life their journey started. How her days are, what she did everything was beautifully narrated by Radha in her diary. Radha’s father was in trade union fighting for truth which motivated Radha to work for people who suffer from politics of people. while she developed an interest in doing something for people, Adi developed an interest in cricket. Later an incident happened and he cannot play cricket anymore. the way Radha handled him, brought in out of trauma, the way she diverted his mind, how he visited countries, how he found a true friend in Nicole. will it affect Radha and Adi’s Friendship? Will hereditary nature of Huntington’s disease affect their lives? Will Radha leave her socialist life and be with adi?

This book is full of mysteries. The book of joy, love, faith, despair, connection and being Guardian Angels is really awesome to read. Read this beautiful story of love, friendship, and their connection.
The style of writing is good and keeps one engaging. It gives you various opinions, makes you think what will happen next. the way every scenario described on how Radha became socialist, how she put her life in death, how their relationship was when adi went out for further studies, how adi sensed she was in trouble and saved her, how she came to knew where adi was when he ran away from home. how they both understood what was there on each other’s mind. Their fights, their love, their joy everything is beautifully expressed when she wrote in her diary.
Her small Home had laughter, joy while his big apartment just had silence. How Radha kept adi guarded, Being together for decades they experienced saving each other’s lives, they experienced what goes around, comes around.

Read this Beautiful Saga.
Book: The Guardian Angels
Publisher: Grapevine India
Author: Rohit Gore
Rating: 4.5/5

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