Book Review : Twirls and twists by Ravindra Singh Thakur

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Love… Which is always be unexpected but someone loves us with full dedication and pure heart of their soul.

Author: Ravindra Singh Thakur
Rating: 4/5


A story of friendship, love, and some unfulfilled promises beyond death. Yes it’s true thriller love story of Piyush and Aahna which is entangled. Piyush is a simple guy and having so many dreams for humanity. Aahna is a heartbroken girl but she completed Piyush dreams with the help of Vanshaj and Vanshaj spreads love, smile for other people. This is an immortal inspirational story. All friends give a best example of true, real and immortal friendship. This is a story of pure love not based on lust because few love stories depend on trust…dreams… understanding which compelled me to complete their love with their existence.  


Twirls and Twists is based on true friendship. The story revolves around Piyush, Aahna, Aashi, Mrigakshi, Sameer, Divya, and Ranjeet. This story too shows you various shades of life, love, and friendship. Vansh is the storyteller of the book and shares his life’s best moments with his friends.

I loved the bond of friendship portrayed. The author used simple language which connects with reader easily. We can easily visualize each and every part of the story. The plot is also good, we can relive our school and college days while reading the story. The pace is also good, though lil slow. The tempo is good as it has various twists and turns at every point. The characters built by the author is also good. The book also has some beautiful lines and poems. I loved reading each and every poem. The hostel life, school life, every phase of life was written very well. I loved the Climax, It was unbelievable and amazing.  Great characters, amazing plot, simple language makes this book a good read.
Overall it’s a good story. If you love reading fiction, go for it.

You can get your copy here.

*** I received this copy from the author in exchange for honest and unbiased review***

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