Debjeet Mukherjee: author of VOYAGES: A COLLECTION OF POETRY- Interview



About the author:

Debjeet Mukherjee is a post graduate student of economics at the University of Calcutta. Literature and reading has always been an indispensable part of his curriculum. He has been writing for almost a decade now, constantly improving the outlook and reach of his works to national and international audiences through online magazines and competitions. Due to his fascination for historical events, Debjeet Mukherjee is also a keen numismatist. Occasional photography while on vacation and tours may also qualify as one of his hobbies. An introvert by nature but prolific in the love for his passion to follow an artistic mind full of creative ideas, his works are sure to create a lasting impression on any generation as he pens down abstract feelings of life that is relatable through myriad experiences in people.


1: What is that dream goal you want to achieve before you die?

I want to be someone’s favourite author.

2: How did it feel when your first book got published?

It felt great. But I started feeling more responsible. It’s not what you start, it’s how you keep it going what you started, improving at every step and helping others achieve the same things, growing your community.

3: What is your motivation for writing more?

My thoughts and philosophy of life. The belief that goodness exist no matter how difficult times are. Luck will pave the way to a brighter future.

4: Do you pen down revelations and ideas as you get them, right then and there?

Not always. I write when I feel like. I am not a routine writer. When a thought comes to my head, I take it for a ride around my brain. Haha. And once the ride is over, I pen it down. Timing depends on the ride.

5: What other genres do you enjoy reading?

Poetry and Short Story.

6: Can you tell us about your current projects?

My current projects are “VOYAGES Volume I – A Collection of Poetry” and a short story booklet “A Rural Coincidence”. The detailed achievements and exposure of these works can be found on my website

7: What does literary success look like to you?

The relationship that a reader has with an author is a beautiful one. It is one of communicating through books. Every author has some hidden feelings treasured in their works. When readers start uncovering them in huge numbers, I guess that is what truly can be called literary success.

8: What are your hobbies, passion other than writing? 

I like photography. I am an amateur photographer. I received an Honorable Mention at the International Photography Awards in 2017. I am also a keen numismatist. I have a great collection of coins from India, USA, USSR and even Nazi Germany!

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