& Everyone can’t get healed

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There’s someone striving hard

There’s some ones feelings thrown away like a casino card

There’s someone wanting to be loved
There’s some who’s just loving her love
That’s how i feel
Pain is everywhere
Everyone can’t get healed

Someone sharing happiness
While some are deeply sad
Some are wishing memories to get fade
Some are wishing they have been dead
That’s how I feel
Pain is everywhere and
Everyone can’t get healed

Some striving hard to sleep
Some making memories to keep
Everyone having secret to share
There’s someone who have become secret itself
There’s someone,whos walking away
There’s someone,for whom you striving to walk away

There’s a far distance
You can’t even glance
Pain is so much
It just created hush
That’s how i feel
Pain is everywhere
And everyone can’t get healed

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