An unfinished masterpiece.

Life daily introduces you to a very new shade of yours, it shows you how every piece, every moment affect you, make you a new person.
Yes, we say trust life a little bit more. Know why? Because every time it gives you a reason to share happiness, to believe and to have trust. Yes, trust is like a paper, once Crumpled can never be same again. That’s true, but one more thing is that Crumpled paper gives a beautiful texture. Yes, that masterpiece which was left to complete gives an amazing feeling of incompleteness.Who says life will always complete your story, Incompleteness has its own essence. Life will bring you in situations where you have to smile, you have to be strong, and yes, you have to be happy because even that Crumpled texture has many smiley curves in it.So do you, make people’s life beautiful.
Something that falls breaks
There’s pain cost in every crack
It was matter of heart all above
She asked am I made for love after all the doubts.
Blog by Vidhya Thakkar

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