Cherishing The Pain !

The pain you gave me, was unbearable,but hiding that loud cry,those fear, with mask of smile,mask of,i have become so usual wearing that mask and cherishing that pain.I learned to smile,with eyes full of tears and fears.Those never ending talks became limited and some talks just became fake !

Learning to be happy in hell,
yes,She’s Cherishing the pain.

The pain of fear,
when you are not here,
that silence Loud Cry,
Like sun forgets to shine

Talks became fake,
Her cake never Got Baked
For the One she was looking for
Had already gone.

His profile is always been checked
and in every game of chess,
She have been Check Mate.

Her face never reveals pain
because of mask of strain
Some pages are left blank
From her eyes,
when tears shed,
An incomplete story never gets it end.


Blog by Vidhya Thakkar

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    Its awesome :*

  2. Life and it's tales | ViDhya

    Tyy angel

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