It’s like..Being Happy in other’s happiness

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“Love is Never Selfish”

If you love someone, Learn to be Happy in their Happiness. Even if they are not with you. Time Can Change but Love can never change,It can just get Fade.Don’t Be selfish for your pain,Instead be happy for their happiness, Because while being with them all you wanted was that person to be happy!
Then why not to Share that Happiness with them now? Just because it caused you Pain? Nah, Rather Be Happy in their Happiness, Because their Happiness is what you Once Wished For !
         “Love is about considering other’s happiness first”and if your love is happy then yeah, you too should be happy,Never be selfish in love.

Well, Not only in Happiness of your Love, But be Happy in Everyone’s Happiness.

No matter how much bad situation is, Never forget to be happy.”Happiness is contagious ” and sometimes we need to get mix with happiness for the people who love us.

It’s always that we wear mask of happiness to hide our pain but we forget there are people who know we wear a mask. There are people who want you to remove the mask and be happy without that mask. We are so busy with sharing fake smile that we forget they are one who want real smile of yours. 
“Sometimes we need to be happy for the one who care for us”
          Not fake happiness but a real smile.
Even if we witness pain but loving  someone and waiting for someone doesn’t mean you should  forget the one who cares for you. In a meanwhile you should live for them and do whatever you want in your life keeping them in your heart.
Never Be Jealous of someone,who is getting something more, Because you never know how much that person Have strive for getting it Rather Present in their Happiness and Spread Joy and Be Happy for Them.
Well, that’s How Life is ! It will bring you in such situations where you don’t even want to Smile But Rather you Have to Laugh For that person for whom you are Special. Mask Itself will Fall when you will value emotions and feelings of people more then yours.
“Feeling happy in Someone’s happy Feelings will Make that Feeling Special”

Life is Like Chess,
There’s Always a mess,
Moments are Very Less,                                                        
So learn to be Happy,
Happy in other’s Happiness.

There’s Pain and Happiness that lies’
Make a choice wise,
Don’t let Pain to Cheat
Because Happiness Smells Sweet.

Spread Joy and fun,
Because life is only one
Be Happy and say Cheers
Have a smile and not Tears :)

             There Are People who wish for our Happiness,who want us to Be happy.
             So It’s Like…Be Happy in Others Happiness :)

P.S This Title is itself special because it is given by one who taught me to be happy in others Happiness
GVN. Forever ♥

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    Another gem…

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