Brother-the ultimate best person

RakshaBandhan – the day of brother and sister.Many people don’t have special importance of this day as much as they give importance to friendship day,Valentines day and all. Y? Sister’s are’nt special ?? y this day is not given importance as other day. !

It’s A Beautiful day to show your love,caring,sharing to your sister’s
BROTHER-SISTER a beautiful bond to cherish.You are lucky enough if you have brother or sister. Value them,love them because everyone don’t have brother,don’t have one to whom she will tie rakhi,who will pamper her every time,who will fight with her,to bring gifts for her,to share talks with her and giving solutions to problems.To love her.Cherish every moment with your brother and do masti,spend time because all these moments are for life time 🙂

Brother o Brother,
There’s No another,
From your pampering

to your caring
From all those silly talks
to all those long walks

From our fights and pranks
All life lessons to doing photo sessions
From giving life tips All Right,
To all those drives late night

Don’t leave me away
want to share many things all the way.
Cherishing this bond of our’s
hope this love never ends and goes far and far

oh brother,I love you More
To the core,
you are the one whom i adore.
for whom i can die for
Brother,I love you more and more

Miss u bhai 🙁

To all sisters- Love your brother to the core even if u hate him hate for a while and love him more and more.even though he never shows you his love but remember he always loves you and u will feel his love silently
To know the value of brother ask the one who don’t have.They know how much it hurts and that space of brother is never fulfilled by anyone in this world.

To all Brothers- Pamper your sisters,love them,fight with them,pamper alot because she loves you alot

Happy RakshaBandhan -Cherish and love this bond

Blog by Vidhya Thakkar

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