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Be Present

Dear Sunshine,

Remember to Be the Best Version of You, to be Yourself.

Sunshine, there will the times when you’ll have to strive to get what you want, there will be the times where you have to make some tough decisions, sometimes there will be a time where you have to be present where you don’t want to go.

Sunshine, that will be the time to be the best version of yourself. To be You. To be present there with love. Sunshine, be ready to learn, be ready to adapt changes in life. I know it will be difficult but that will be the time you’ll Improve and become a better person.

Sunshine, Do not conform, Grow. Remember to create, and contribute what you have. Because Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. It will test you at every point of life. Sunshine, remember you won’t fail in the exam called life, You’ll learn and you’ll grow.

Sunshine, remember You inspire people in some or the other way. We all learn from each other, isn’t it? Put yourself at the top of your list every single day, rest will fall into place. Sunshine, You have to work on yourself first and then others.

Listen to this: Sunshine.

There will be the time when It will be YOU who will be taking the decisions, make sure sunshine, You master that art while learning this, because It will be for life. Learn to take decisions calmly, because sometimes all you need is a different perspective.

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All you need is to work a lil more. Sunshine, be the best version of YOU, that’s how you’ll shine sunshine. In the world of fakeness, be the shine of truth sunshine. That will be when you’ll learn to work on yourself more, adapt things and blend with the surroundings.

Sunshine, remember, It’s easy to be happy, what’s difficult is to be happy in others happiness. And I want you to learn this art.



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  1. To be present where I don’t want to go! Hardest !
    But so true! Love the post! I

    1. Thank youuu

  2. Lovely and like the flow of a river. Each and every word has a connect and pure.

    1. Thank Youu

      1. TO be happy in the happiness of other…wonderful.

  3. True! We should find out the best version of ourselves. Lovely read!

  4. Another one of your beautiful letters. I am feeling so full of love and affection for Sunshine

  5. I agree . sometimes just a different perspective helps. We tend to only think one way but thinking differently helps.

  6. Another inspirational and beautiful letter Sunshine!

    1. Loved it, be the shine of truth sunshine in the world of fakeness

  7. Love the end of the post and I want to adopt in my life too. lovely write up

  8. Loved the poignant last line!

  9. Every letter of your has been a self talk , a pep talk with self. The best version

  10. Your letters have been my daily dose of positivity sunshine. So keep up so reading happiness all around the world.

  11. Life begins at the end of the comfort zone. Lovely post:)

  12. Lovely as always… Being happy in others happiness is a nice thought

  13. amazing post. Just lovely. Really needed these reminders at this point of my life. Thank you

  14. Another beautiful letter loved your last lines. 🙂

  15. This is such an heartwarming read my dear ♥️

  16. being yourself – the best part of yourself.. thank you for reaffirming this messahe

  17. Difficult to be happy in other’s happiness. How very true. Great post-Vidhya.

  18. To be the better version of yourself, one must come out from the reasons and self-doubt. Very well written lines.

  19. I am sure you are going to find a lot of sunshine in Dubai….hahaha…on a serious note great post. I wonder what if someday Sunshine turns up at your door.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

    1. I would just hug and cry because she turned on the writer in me! she turned me on to spread positivittyy!

  20. I loved your podcast. Loved the quote, it holds so true.

  21. Great pointers to be the best version of yourself. Living life with passion and purpose and being true to yourself is the key.

  22. What another great message! I so enjoy reading your blogs.

  23. Great message delivered beautifully. Being sunshine is so much better than being a snowflake for this summer girl.

    1. Thankk youuu

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