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Dare to begin

To the one who left , dare to begin.

To the one who left me, In the hope that I will be loved the way I loved, but I was there unloved, with so many scars. I was left with ignorance and many unanswered questions. I was left, questioning love.

But, I dare to begin. I know it was though, I know I was in pain, but I dare to begin, I dare to get out of the mess that you made. I dare to begin the new life full of love. Don’t worry I don’t hold any grudges, Nor I hate you. Because there may be such circumstances because of this it happened, or maybe it was not meant to be.

But one thing I want to tell you is, Never make decisions in hurry, and never fall for someone if you’re not going to keep her. For you, it may be just a hookup, but for her, it might be true love.

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And, Never trust too easily as I did on you, You might end up breaking your heart as I did. I know,

We have so many memories together but they are just memories, now they don’t make me smile, nor sad, they make me learn from my mistakes. They make me learn, to love myself first and then others. They make me learn, to respect but with caution.

They make me a better me.and this is what I want to tell sunshine today, To dare to begin.

Dear sunshine,

Remember the ones who made you smile, who make you laugh till you had tears in your eyes, the one with whom you would share every single thing, The one with whom you wanted to spend your rest of the life?

Remember the one who left you with some unanswered questions, who never loved? Sunshine, Dare to Begin!

Dare to take a step ahead and prove them wrong. prove them that you’re better without them. Prove them, that you’re happier without them. Sunshine, remember to let go, to make yourself so strong.

And sunshine, remember to spread love, because you know how it’s like being unloved. being unloved by the one whom you loved the most, respected the most. sunshine, don’t hold any grudge, because there must be a reason why it happened.

Sunshine, above all, just trust yourself, your love. Because at the end, it’s you who have to handle yourself, it’s you who have to deal with it. Don’t regret sunshine that it ended, learn something from it and move on. Remember, to grow sunshine, remember to handle the situations positively. That’s how you’ll shine.

Sunshine, Love with caution, but do fall in love, It’s a beautiful feeling when you’re with the right one.



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  1. Vinay Nagaraju

    Nice one Vidya, it feels like reading a poetry. An inspiring post, every great achievement starts from a single step for even a great creation was just a blue print some day!

    1. vidhya thakkar

      yess! thnkk youu

  2. Archana

    Beautifully written Vidhya!

    1. Srishti

      Such a lovely and motivational post! I dare to begin. Thanks for sharing ?

  3. Meena

    The first step to begin again is a tough one to take. But, once that courage is found, then growth as a human is certain. Human mind is very powerful. It can be both binding and liberating at the same time. Great post

  4. Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Can relate with this post very deeply, a new beginning must be there, very much motivating write up.

  5. Abhijit

    Another beautiful and motivating letter. Always so fluid, so easy to read and so motivating.

    1. Aditi Kapur

      Another nice post with beautiful words?

  6. Mann

    Every one who has loved and is not loved back can relate with it Vidhya. The whole learning is to gather yourself and move on.

  7. Rashmi

    Those who left you were never meant to stay with you and never deserve you. They have come in your life to teach you a life lesson. Accept the lesson as a gift and move ahead. Heart touching letter!

  8. kushal

    Nice one Vidhya…The first step is always the hardest… Dare to Begin…

  9. Sonia Chatterjee

    To the one who left, thank you for teaching me my inner strength. I dared to begin and there’s been no looking back. Beautiful.

  10. ujjwal mishra

    amazing, your style and theme both are heart touching

  11. Roma

    Another beauty post from your pen buddy. Such an apt lesson

  12. Jeanine Byers

    So true! Daring to begin again is the first step, and an important one. Because heartbreak can stop you in your tracks.

  13. Priyanka Nair

    Beautiful Vidhya, Some ending leads to beautiful beginnings.

  14. Sanjota Purohit

    As always amazing! Life is all about us, no one will come to help. We have to stand on our own.

  15. Shubhra Rastogi

    starting all over again needs a lot of courage. I am also going to do it. Thanks for sharing, lovely post

  16. Harjeet Kaur

    Lovely post-Vidya..dare to begin! Love is a beautiful feeling.

  17. Noor Anand Chawla

    Loved the post Vidhya, especially that beautiful last line!

  18. Darshana Sarmah

    You are too good..!

  19. Dee Coxon MA MD MCMI

    Don’t look back you’re not going that way :-)

  20. Martha

    I’m loving all your posts!!

  21. Roopali

    Awesome post.. but sometimes it is really tough to let it go and begin again.

  22. Ruchi

    I loved this post !

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