Trust life lil bit more.

“New Hello”
that’s how it starts
There’s new beginning in every ending.

When someone who is important part of your life suddenly disapper, and you have no choice except waiting and having patience. While life teaches you to stay strong in it’s  ups and downs there will always be someone who will come in your life and make it worth living.
Remember there’s always something hidden in every moment you live.
Life always gives you surprises each and every day. Some good and some bad surprises. It’s  up to you how you accept it.
“Sometimes it’s better to accept the way it is and not to try to change it”

Not everyone in your life comes with golden ribbon.not everyone will have the same charm.

If something goes away from your life, some more excitement is gonna come in your life
all it takes is “Trust Life Lil bit more”

Life is strange sometimes it gives you so much that you don’t  know how  to handle things and sometimes it takes away all that it gave you in the same breath.

“Even if life shows you Worst situations, just Trust it lil bit more, something Good will happen”

Life will lit candles which will answer every query of your life
Trust Life More, a lil bit!

 Broken crayons still  colours
 Torn pages still a story readable
 Broken mirror still shows blured  picture
Trsust life a lil bit
At the end
Every puzzle of life will get fit.

Blog by Vidhya Thakkar

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