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Keep it a secret dear Diary – #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge

I wrote this one last night and the first thing that I wanted was to add the full poem here. The 3.00 AM thoughts that had shaken me up and words came to my rescue. 

Will be sharing all my thoughts under hashtag #justmyunfinishedmasterpiece .

Sleepless night with some midnight thoughts,
Trying to figure out, happy or sad?.
Smiling outside while writing this,
With many unknown feelings inside.
Dear diary,
Will there be someone to read this curious mind?.

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Will there be someone, to figure out words out of scribbled letters?
Out of all the broken thoughts? Slow sounds and mumblings? Will, there be someone to read them all?.

The real laughter on the face, Or the simple smile, will there be someone to catch that moment?
To say, it’s ok, things will be fine? To say let’s just chill out?
To say it’s ok when things are going wrong?. Will there be someone who can read it all?.
The tears while she laughs, or that smile of hesitation, that smile of trust or that smile of I need a hug, will there be someone to read?.

Will there be the one to just read her when she messages?
Or the one when she says it’s Okay, Nothing much?
or when she just starts telling her thoughts randomly? 
or when she just let it go with a smile.

When she shuts off her curious mind,
when she stops for a moment and just smile.
Is she enjoying or it’s just a smile?
Is there someone to read her?

Or when she just pick up a book but not read,
when she cooks a meal but don’t have it,
When she tries to open up her heart but sums it all with just a smile,
Is there someone to read it all?.

To Read the curious mind,
the furious actions
and that SMILE.
Is there anyone to read the empty soul full of colours?

Before I vent it all,
dear diary it’s just the end today,
I know you won’t judge me or tell anyone,
but then too,

Dear Diary,
Keep it all a Secret, #justmyunfinishedmasterpiece  one more time.

-By Vidhya Thakkar

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