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It’s Ok to not go with the flow – #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge.

It’s time when we are at home, spending time with family. We all are trying hard to stay positive and balanced. With work from home to managing things at home, from enrolling to an online course to binge-watching your favourite movie, we are trying to go with the flow… right?

But then, sometimes, it’s ok to not go with the flow. I know we are finding it hard to remember a day or date, we are all so much occupied and trying to balance. But then, for a day, why not, break the flow?

How about Cleaning up your bookshelves, and staying there, reading your favourite book that you found while cleaning? Why not pick up your guitar and play your favourite song?

How about playing your favourite song and dancing on it with family? Like Ganpati dance? How about helping your mom in the kitchen or preparing a meal? or making your favourite coffee, standing there in the balcony, and saying Hi to your neighbour?

How about playing carrom board, Ludo with your sibling and doing some cheating? like you always did in childhood? How about cherishing your childhood memories? The stories you were unaware of? and then thinking, was that person me? I never do this?

Or, taking out albums, pictures that were always treasured and reliving those memories? Or fighting with your sibling, mom dad, because it’s your favourite show? Why not switch on POGO one day or cartoon network and see tom and jerry once again?

Why not keeping our phones aside for a few hours, forgetting our series and watch Ramayan, Mahabharat with our parents? Why not fight for that last piece of chocolate that you craved for, because you can’t go out?.

Why not, come out of your room and stay there in the living room with your parents and discuss things? or watering your plants? or listening stories from your grandmother like you always did? or spending lil more time, gazing at your fishes in your fish tank.

Staying at home? Try some new activities. #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge

How about cleaning your drawers, and all your old stuff, reliving those moments again. Checking your treasure box and recollecting how you collected all the things? or cleaning or adding things to your working desk and making some changes, rearranging your pin board?

How about opening your diary, penning down your thoughts, making your blog active once again. Opening your journal, and finding Pinterest pins to try your hands on, searching for all the stuff you have and making a journal page.

Or picking up a canvas, and painting your thoughts once again or helping your dad in removing all the scraps from the house? How about playing your favourite game with your kids, or playing Mario, contra, road fighter or listening to their rantings?

For a day, give yourself a break, don’t go with the flow, spend more time with yourself, with the things and people you love. Because, this is the loaned time, given to us which should be used wisely, isn’t it? Take out some time from your phones for yourself.

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